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“Daj Szansę” Foundation’s 2017 calendar

Daj Szansę Foundation 2017 calendar

Last weekend I took part in the 39th charity concert of the “Daj Szansę” (“Give a Chance”) Foundation at National Music School in Skarżysko-Kamienna (my hometown). In addition to the musical part and the scholarship giving ceremony, the organisers presented the first edition of the Foundation’s calendar. I had the pleasure to participate in this project.

The Foundation distinguishes gifted young people in three categories: achievements in science, arts and sports. Thanks to help from sponsors and other organisations they can fund scholarships and promote talented students by organising art exhibitions, concerts or sports events.

Back this summer, I have been asked to help with this project, and I agreed. The session took place a few days later at the White Eagle Museum in Skarżysko-Kamienna, Poland and at the nearby Lake Rejów. The museum has a really nice outdoor exhibition of military vehicles, including tanks, planes and even large Project 664-class torpedo boat (how did they transport this to a city 500 km away from the sea?!). As everything has been organised ad-hoc, all the shots were improvised on the spot. The weather was sunny and it was fun to work with all of the scholarship holders. No tanks, planes or ships were harmed during this session.

I wasn’t involved in the final selection of photos, so I didn’t know which ones were used (if any). As it turned out, some of them are featured on the October’s page, and there’s also one small on the July’s page. These two have a kind of extended format, as the most of calendar’s pages contain only one photo. A few more were also shown at a small behind-the-scenes exhibition during the concert.

Helping others is worth supporting, and I’m happy that I could take a small part in this. The Board and sponsors deserve recognition for their work. Who knows, maybe they will help some gifted, young programmers too? Let’s hope so!

Daj Szansę Calendar 2017 January
Students, Founders and Board members
Daj Szansę Calendar 2017 May
My favourite picture, kind of Japanese garden in a local park. Photo by Joanna Wężyk

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