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Esocentrica by ASD and Satori

Demobit 2017 Combined Demo Competition

The previous edition of Demobit party took place in 2001. 16 years later, its organisers have decided to resurrect it and once again invited sceners to Bratislava. Let’s take a closer look at new demos released at this Slovakian party.

Fermi Paradox by Mercury

Revision 2016 PC 64k Intro Competition

Over the years, the 4k intros territory has been explored quite well. We have seen many groundbreaking productions, but today most of them use similar rendering techniques. To make things a bit more interesting, Revision organisers introduced a new 8k intro category. In the meantime, the 64k is doing well, and we got some high-quality productions this year.

Dolor Sit Amet by Lorem Ipsum

Revision 2016 Amiga Demo Competition

There is no Revision without Amiga demo compo. This year, 9 groups delivered their prods. That’s actually more than in the previous years (with 6 entries on average) but it’s a result of transferring OCS/ECS Amiga demos from the oldskool compo. Let’s see if the quantity makes up for the quality.

Zrozumieć programowanie book cover

Zrozumieć programowanie

Stały rozwój oprogramowania powoduje przyrost ilości dostępnych bibliotek, frameworków i wrapperów. Kolejne warstwy przykrywają poprzednie i łatwo zapomnieć o tym, co tak naprawdę dzieje się na niższych poziomach. Na szczęście aby to zrozumieć lub przypomnieć sobie, wystarczy sięgnąć po książkę Gynvaela Coldwinda.

Ray Tracing in One Weekend book cover

Ray Tracing in One Weekend

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a small ray tracer as a weekend project? Well, that’s exactly the idea behind this mini e-book. After implementing all the features described in it, you will be able to create the image from the cover.