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Grid Layout in CSS

Grid Layout in CSS: Interface Layout for the Web

For many years web developers have used various substitutes for a real grid layout in CSS. Floats, clears or tables provided ways to emulate it, but they were never meant to be used for this purpose. Even grid systems like or Skeleton were just workarounds for a lack of real solutions. We were waiting for a dedicated grid layout in CSS for 20 years. The wait is now over.

"Rise and Shine" by Elude

Riverwash 2017 PC Demo Compo

The main theme of the 9th edition of Riverwash party was the Wild West. At the beginning of September, about 150 cowboys and cowgirls travelled on their horses to Katowice in Poland. Some brought valuable goods with them. Let’s see if they left some gold nuggets there.

Zeven by Ninjadev

Solskogen 2017 Newschool Demo Compo

Have you ever been to a party organised in a forest and where most participants sleep in tents? That’s the experience offered by Solskogen party! Its recent edition took place between 14th and 16th July in Flateby, not too far away from Oslo. Let’s review newskool demos from the biggest demoscene party in Norway.

Getting Things Programmed

Getting Things Programmed. Droga do efektywności

Aby być skutecznym programistą, sama wiedza techniczna przestaje dziś wystarczać. Istotne stają się “soft skills”, czyli umiejętności organizowania swojej pracy. Michał Bartyzel w swojej kolejnej książce stawia sobie za cel przekazanie czytelnikowi sprawdzonych metod, dzięki którym wszystko przebiegnie sprawnie, w możliwie krótkim czasie i bez zbędnego stresu. Krótko mówiąc: efektywnie.