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Getting Things Programmed

Getting Things Programmed. Droga do efektywności

Aby być skutecznym programistą, sama wiedza techniczna przestaje dziś wystarczać. Istotne stają się “soft skills”, czyli umiejętności organizowania swojej pracy. Michał Bartyzel w swojej kolejnej książce stawia sobie za cel przekazanie czytelnikowi sprawdzonych metod, dzięki którym wszystko przebiegnie sprawnie, w możliwie krótkim czasie i bez zbędnego stresu. Krótko mówiąc: efektywnie.

How to choose an open source licence

How to Choose an Open Source Licence

If you decided to share your project’s source code, you still have to deliberately state what do you allow, and which rights you want to keep. While it is possible to write your own detailed licence, there’s probably no need to do it. The most common models have already been created. Let’s review some popular licence types.

Daj Się Poznać 2017

“Get Noticed! 2017” Competition

One year ago I took part in the “Daj Się Poznać 2016” competition. I started to write articles about demo making. As I took a bit harder path than it was required to, I couldn’t spend so much time on writing 20 articles in 10 weeks. I ended up just having fun. Since a new edition of this competition has just started, it’s a good reason to continue the “Demo 101” series.

Esocentrica by ASD and Satori

Demobit 2017 Combined Demo Competition

The previous edition of Demobit party took place in 2001. 16 years later, its organisers have decided to resurrect it and once again invited sceners to Bratislava. Let’s take a closer look at new demos released at this Slovakian party.

Read 52 Books in a Year Challenge

Read 52 Books in a Year Challenge

At the beginning of the New Year, many people make resolutions (just as if another time wasn’t good enough). One popular commitment is “I’ll read 52 books this year”. I didn’t take a part in such challenge but somehow managed to achieve this anyway, so I would like to share some thoughts about it. You may find this helpful if you plan to do this (it’s still not too late!) or just would like to know how fast you can read and how much time would it take.

Daj Szansę Foundation 2017 calendar

“Daj Szansę” Foundation’s 2017 calendar

Last weekend I took part in the 39th charity concert of the “Daj Szansę” (“Give a Chance”) Foundation at National Music School in Skarżysko-Kamienna (my hometown). In addition to the musical part and the scholarship giving ceremony, the organisers presented the first edition of the Foundation’s calendar. I had the pleasure to participate in this project.